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My name is Thom de Moor, I am a (video game) programmer and this is my portfolio website.
I graduated cum laude in April 2014 at IGAD studying programming and have been working in the games industry ever since. On this portfolio website you’ll find several projects and assignments I’ve worked on in the past 6 years both for school as well as commercially.

If you want to know more about me, my skills, work experience and contact details, visit the “About me” page.

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15-8-2015     | First Major update since graduation: one year of experience in the Serious Games Industry

After my graduation I started working at Atlantis games, a serious and applied games company.
This update includes several projects I've worked on in the past year that have been publicly announced.
This update also includes some visual changes and fixes to the website.

4-7-2014     | Graduated for Game Architecture and Design: Programming

Graduated with honours (Cum Laude) for the Bachelor in Game Architecture and Design: Programming at the NHTV in the Netherlands.

3-2-2014     | Age of Wonders 3 Page

Added a page for the Age of Wonders 3 project I worked on while on my internship in the past 5 months.

8-9-2013     | Graphical Update

- Website has been given a slight graphical update to enhance how info is displayed
- Added new page for the 3D platformer I am currently creating
- Added link to Age of Wonders 3. I recently started working on this project as internship assignment for Triumph Studios.
  * A unique page for this project will be online soon!

30-6-2013     | Specialization Project now online

Info and pictures about the specialization project: Procedural Dungeon Generation for Games, are now online.
Find them in the projects page or by clicking here

19-4-2013     | Content Update

New content available for my Fur shading project in OpenCL.
I've also provided some more links for the Dungeoneering Knights Project.

Lastly, I've also picked up my blogging again. You can follow me here,
where I talk a little bit about the Dungeoneering Knights and related projects I'm working on.
Though my bloggings generally concern technical approaches and discussions..

15-4-2013     | Resumé can now be downloaded from the 'About me' page

If interested, my resumé is now available for download/view.
You can find it on the 'About me' page or by clicking here.

13-3-2013     | Website Updated

Website is now up to date.

4-2-2013     | Website Updated

Website now online and first pages have been filled.

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